23 November 2016

Plymouth Citybus 8 and 9 etc

With nothing new coming through on VOSA at the moment and no sign of a new N&P I have been going back through some of the route already on Plymothian Transit Bus Services which were still in need of the full history.

This evening its Plymouth Citybus 8 /9

with a new map

2016 12 04 Plymouth Citybus Route-008

I am also trying to tidy up a lot of the older loose ends within the Bus Services site and bringing in old archived routes with full VOSA histories:

N004 ♦ Union Street - Plymstock Plympton ♦ Plymouth Citybus PH0000135.066 ♦ 26 AUG 2004 ► 20 APR 2014

010 ♦ Royal Parade - Derriford ♦ Plymouth Citybus PH0000135.049 ♦ History

017 ♦ Royal Parade - Lipson Community College ♦ Plymouth Citybus PH00000135.047 ♦ 15 APR 2002 ► 02 JUN 2003

Fleet Lists

To finish off the evening I continued work on the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist with news sheets from the start of 2014

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