14 November 2016

Plymouth Citybus Historic

I have been meaning to go back and update my fleetlists to include a lot of missing details. I have all the PSVC new sheets going back to 2008 which I have been going through to backdate old information and adding it to the Plymouth Citybus Fleetlist.

I am now coming towards the end of 2010. The aim to get all buses as taken over by Go Ahead in November 2009 onwards.

All the buses taken over have been added to the listing and I am now starting to update with dates old and liveries.

As part of this I am also putting together an online publication looking back at Plymouth Citybus under Go Ahead ownership to get a visual guide to the development of the fleet over the years. Eventually if I get it right it will be a very visual booklet / pdf viewable online, probably in yearly volumes.


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