13 December 2016

PTBS Tonight

Plymothian Transit Bus Services updates continue

002 ♦ Exeter  Newton Abbot ♦ Stagecoach Devon PH1020951.063 ♦ 12 JAN 2009 ►

2017 01 03 Stagecoach Devon Route-002.jpg

039 ♦ Exeter - Newton Abbot ♦  Stagecoach Devon PH1020951.075♦ 04-APR-2004 ►

2017 01 03 Stagecoach Devon Route-039 MAP.jpg

319 ♦ Barnstaple Hartland ♦ Stagecoach Devon PH1020951.117 ♦ 4 SEP 2006 ►
319 ♦ Hartland Bude ♦ Stagecoach Devon PH1020951.178 ♦ 2017 01 03 Stagecoach Devon Route-319 Full.jpg

Finally a new project started

The Plymouth Citybus Route Licence Chart


I will slowly be building up the full listing of all the PH0000135 Route Licence numbers with their variations by month. Simple one line per licenced route with the months across the top. New sections are recorded either in the month for changes in the first half of the month or the next month for changes in the second half of a month. The colours within the main sections are just to differentiate  the sections and lines. The first column indicates if a licence is still current or has been cancelled. It will take a while to complete though…

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