09 May 2017

Citybus Changes

More changes processed this evening on PT Bus Services:

016    Royal Parade - Kings Tamerton  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.001     15 APR 2002►

  • Some evening journeys will be re timed to improve service reliability


025    Royal Parade - Barbican The Hoe  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.086 27 MAY 2007 ►

  • This service will no longer run across the Viaduct due to traffic congestion at Charles Cross roundabout. The service will now go directly from Royal Parade to Bretonside, Vauxhall Street and Southside Street for the Barbican and The Hoe.


    2017 05 28 PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD ROUTE-025map

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