25 October 2017

Devon & Cornwall Transit

Quite a bit of work outstanding at the moment so an evening spent trying to catch up on some upcoming Plymouth Citybus timetable changes.

Plymothian Transit Bus Services

42    Plymouth - Tamerton  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.149

  • 42: This service will run five minutes earlier on schooldays.
  • 42A: Route revised to serve Powisland Drive in response to Stagecoach withdrawing its X1 service. This service will also operate two-hourly on a Sunday, providing a seven day service for Powisland Drive.
  • 42B: Sunday service reduced to two-hourly. This will make way for the new two-hourly service 42A.All services combine to provide an hourly timetable to Tamerton Foliot on Sundays and maintain a half hourly Sunday service to and from Derriford Hospital.
  • 42C: This route will be extended to Woolwell. The 42C will now be turning around at the bottom of Pick Pie Drive to serve the new housing development. There will be a revised timetable to accompany this change.

34     Royal Parade  - Estover  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.053

  • Extended one trip in the morning to now start from Royal Parade at 07:35 due to passenger demand

46A     Devonport High School - Tavistock  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.154

  • 46 A/B: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.

73     Liskeard - Looe - Polperro PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.163

  • 73/73A: An additional trip will be introduced in the afternoon to pick up schoolchildren in Looe. This is in response to another operator ceasing its contract to pick up from the school. This service will now stop at Looe Community Academy at 15:20 on schooldays.

76     Liskeard - St Ive  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.188

  • 76: The 14.25 departure from Liskeard Lloyds Bank has been brought forward to 14.15 and this service will run 10 minutes earlier for the whole trip. This is to allow the bus more time to travel to Callington School to pick up the schoolchildren on time.

77     Liskeard - Trago Mills  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.187

  • 77/77A: This service has been rerouted and re-timed due to passenger demand.

78    Berriowbridge - Callington Com College  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.185

  • 78:Extension of the route in the morning to start from Callington, departing at 07:20. This has been introduced in response to passenger demand from the local villages and local parish council to better link the communities together.

101     Tamerton Foliot - DHS Boys  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.128

  • 101: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.

102      The George P&R - DHS Boys  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.129

  • 102: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.

102     Chaddlewood - Notre Dame School   PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.151

  • 103: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.

112    Notre Dame School Bus  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.132

  • 112: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.

118    Notre Dame School Bus  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.134

  • 118: Revised timetable to improve timekeeping.







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