26 November 2017

Back to the beginning very slowly

With things being fairly up to date at the moment I have been making a start with the full Plymouth Citybus Archive and going right back to 2003 VOSA Files and working through them in order as they appeared in N&P. With the major issue of extremely limited and unreliable internet it has been a long hard slog though this weekend

I am currently up to N&P 2216 (May 2003) with updates to the following pages.

19A     Royal Parade - Steer Park  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.040

18     Royal Parade - Plymstock   PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.032

22    Royal Parade - Plympton   PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.004

21     Royal Parade - Plympton  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.003

20     Royal Parade - Plympton   PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.002

OTT     Royal Parade Barbican The Hoe  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.024 

38      Royal Parade - Mannamead  PLYMOUTH CITYBUS LTD PH0000135.040

The one good thing about the internet situation is that I have now managed to get all the VOSA files updated in my master sheet spreadsheets which feed all of this activity which was a big job in itself so I do now have all the VOSA history in my worksheets for all Plymouth Citybus routes which will make life a lot easier when I do eventually get back on line. (Hopefully Wednesday)





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